“Four things belong to a judge: to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially.” Socrates

The Scales of Justice Must Be Balanced For All Citizens…   

Lady Justice represents the moral force behind our judicial system.  Her scales aren’t meant to tilt left or right, but to offer the perfect balance of compassion and justice meted out in a fair and just manner. 

Justice is not the purview of one political party or movement for it is not liberal or conservative nor Democratic or Republican.  It is the balance of our laws and constitutions weighed against the facts of each particular situation.  There should never be debate as to conservative versus liberal justices, but rather justice itself, for justice should always be balanced and fair, in the middle, and free of political or powerful influences.

This balanced perspective on the law and what the concept of Justice should mean comes from Craig representing both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and companies, over a successful 28 year career as a civil litigator.  Whether a plaintiff or defendant, a person or a large institution, every litigant deserves equal access to the court system and judges who are fair, balanced and agenda-free.  It is this independence of thought and ability to tune out partisan concerns, that makes Craig the people’s choice, regardless of their political affiliation.

Craig’s philosophy is that each case over which he will preside involves the most important issue in the lives of the parties before him.  A good Judge must be unbiased, smart, hard-working, a good researcher and writer, considerate and conscientious of those that appear in his courtroom.  A good Judge is also someone who doesn’t forget that it’s the people and businesses of Clark County that pay his salary, and it is his obligation to ensure that every party before him is provided a level playing field. A  good Judge must listen to what the parties and their lawyers have to say and actually care about understanding and appreciating what is being said.  A good Judge has a reasoned and calm temperament, will treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and does not have a personal agenda that can taint his decision-making.  Craig embraces all of these qualities, and will, therefore strive to honor the law and achieve justice in each case with which he is presented.



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